Triathlon in Cardiff

Cardiff Triathlon

Date: Saturday, June 26, 2021

Triathlon is a great sport for those who are looking to improve their physical fitness. Cardiff is the capital of Wales and has one of the most exciting triathlon events in Europe, the triathlon from pontoon boats. The event was first held in 2021 but is now a much desired destination for triathlon enthusiasts. This is a 3 day competition held on pontoon boats off the coast of Cardiff.

The course has been changed from its previous version which had a finish line running through Porth Wen but has now been changed to Taffa Point where the swim starts from the beginning of the course and finishes at the end of the pontoon. This new course offers an ideal venue for the triathlon with plenty of windy areas and flat terrain. The old finish line was quite steep with a low-water mark around the edge. This meant that the athletes were required to climb over the water over rocks and mud to reach the line but with the new course it is possible to swim through the mud and without any obstacles to prevent you from completing the swim. With this in mind the Cardiff triathlon has a much easier course and has therefore become one of the most popular sports with the locals.

The Cardiff triathlon is held every year at the B Wales Aquatic centre as it is the world’s largest aquatics centre. The venue is perfect for those who are not fit to compete in the Olympic distance events because there are courses for every ability from ultra high-athlon, sprint, open water and open bike. This means that everyone can enjoy this sport regardless of their ability so even if you are not that good at the sport don’t let that stop you from taking part in the Cardiff triathlon. The course offers everything from swimming, biking, rowing, diving and climbing and for the more fitness orientated it also has a track for the sprinters.

Cardiff is also host to the national track championships, which are the biggest in the UK. If you are considering playing this event then you should book your place a year ahead as the competition is always tough as the swim gets closer. The other reason for taking part in the Cardiff triathlon is the course itself. It’s been designed by world-class swimmer Nichelle Prince and the facilities are some of the best in the UK. The course includes a wide range of foot and river stages as well as a coastline section and offers the opportunity to swim the English Channel if you prefer. There are nine checkpoints over the swim and each one counts towards your overall time and the course is suitable for both men and women.

What do you get for eating on Sunday? A visit to the Llandabrig Church is the place to go for lunch as you enjoy views over the harbour and across the estuary. There are traditional pier fish steaks for dinner followed by an energetic mixture of Welsh music and local entertainment. The evening offers the option of watching a show at the harbour front or enjoying the traditional foods of the area. There’s also a traditional British pub, The St. George’s where you can enjoy a pint with your mates before heading back to the church for your evening service. For something a little different you might like to go to the Rose Tree, with its fantastic views over the harbour area and a fine selection of tapas.

The last day of your Cardiff triathlon is your race day and you’ll need all of the focus and energy you’ve built up throughout the week. It’s important to make the most of this because the last day of your triathlon is when you will really be able to enjoy yourself. It’s a short journey from the starting line at Cardiff Bay and the first of the sprint distance triathlons will begin at the leisurely pace of the Velia Park, just outside of Cardiff. The view from here is stunning and definitely worth taking a look around. With around two and a half miles to the finish line, the last of the triathlon sprints will be run on the media and it should prove to be a very pleasurable experience.