Guide to the London Triathlon

London Triathlon

Sun, Aug 8, 2021 – Mon, Aug 9, 2021

The London Triathlon Association (LTA) is the governing body for the annual triathlons in London. The London Triathlon Association has a rich history and has been a popular and successful sports club for many years. In 2021 the London Marathon was adding to the official London triathlons, running over the Thames. Other events have included the athletics section of the LTA, which has several championships including the Olympic distance event. PRUHealth is a private company that organizes health-related sporting events for the LTA.

The London Triathlon is a great triathlon and is a very competitive swimming event. It was the first ever competitive swimming event to be held in London. Since then there have been a lot of improvements to the course, and the overall time has been reduced by half, but still the race is one of the most exciting races in London.

The London Triathlon has three different classes for the different distances to be completed. For the men there is the traditional swimming segment which includes the men’s open water swim, the men’s breaststroke, and the men’s marathon. For the women there is the women’s division with the women’s road cycle, the women’s cyclo-cross event and the women’s Olympic distance event. There are also swimming and cycling teams for the women.

Each of these courses has its own series of attractions, with the swimming segment featuring the Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the River Thames. The cycling section includes the Hyde Park Cycle Trail, cobbled streets, bridges and tunnels. And at the finish line there is the London Eye, a tower in the heart of London with an observation deck on one side and the velodrome on the other.

After each of these sections the finish line has several big screens where the competitors have to display their corsos and finials to the crowd. It is here that the London triathlon swimming events take place, with the men’s and women’s divisions starting on opposite sides from the starting block. The swimmer starts on the right side of the track, the cyclist on the left. The cyclists will alternate as they cross the line. The swimming segment includes a 10 minute swim followed by a series of intervals including butterfly, freestyle and backstroke events. The cycling section finishes with an individual time trial along the canal between the Westminster Abbey and the Tower Bridge.

The time trial is much easier than the swimming competition due to the absence of an armful of equipment. However, the time trial is not without its own challenges and many a professional cyclist has won the time trial in London without using a wetsuit. For this reason, the London triathlon swimwear is different to other events and the timing chip is different too. The timing chip is a flat piece of metal that measures the time difference between the start and the finish of each individual race, including the cycling course. A small digital clock is also used to time the laps and the result is displayed on a large data screen.