Brighton Triathlon Weekend

Brighton Triathlon

The Brighton Triathlon is an exciting and intense triathlonathlon swim event held on the beautiful beaches of Brighton. Triathletes can choose to participate in either an individual event or in a relay using the much loved ‘Cradle race’. There are two beach sessions in addition to the on-water sprints, ridden ultras, open water swimming, and river sprints. There is also a beach finish in the ‘Cradle race’ for those who just want to relax and finish their triathlon early!

Brighton Triathlon was started in 1992 and over the years it has gone through several name changes, but the basic format hasn’t changed much. Each triathlon is divided into three ‘waves’ of four minutes each. These intervals are based off a large swimming pool called the Brighton Aquarium, but there is always plenty of room for action off the beach as well. It is hosted by the famous British charity, Blue Flag events – the same company that organizes the world’s largest sailing race, the Solent Regatta. The course is designed to be fast and competitive, with a technical start line, narrow finishing straight, and numerous hairpin bends and chicanes.

Each of the four legs of the race is split up into three parts, with an ‘interval section’. Each leg has been specifically designed to give the athlete maximum comfort and maximize speed. This means that even a novice triathlete can put in a really strong effort. With this in mind, this race has attracted some of the best athletes in the world, including the gold medalists at the 1996 Olympics in Sydney, Australia.

The sprints are broken up into three sections, the lead-lap swim followed by the intermediate sprints and then the final sprint to finish in fourth place. The course is completely flat and the swim starts and finishes outside of the water. The sprinters have their own specially designed wind tunnel, where they warm up before the race, and then use it to power their sprint to the end. There is a huge tow behind the sprinters, which makes for a unique atmosphere.

After the finish, the triathlon course – including the beach – is then wet sanded to remove any moisture that may have been present when the sun hit the water. The water is then covered with high quality racing wetsuits, providing the athletes with optimum comfort as they race into the finish line. The course – including the beach and water facilities – is completed with a spectator barbecue area, complete with barbecues and music.

If you’re going to be in Brighton during the summer months, then you’d better plan your trip well in advance. This is one of the busiest times of year for sports events, and the competition can be tough. If you want to secure the best seats or even the best times, make sure you get online and check out the courses before you book anything. Some events start early, but others don’t start until later, so make sure you don’t waste your money by being in the wrong place at the wrong time!