Blenheim Triathlon

Blenheim Triathlon

If you are a keen cyclist and have been training for your triathlon in Blenheim, why not make the trip even more special by taking part in the triathlon at the famous Blenheim Palace? The gorgeous hotel is situated in the centre of Blenheim and is surrounded by an imposing wall which was formed during the Middle Ages. Built to protect the palace from marauding armies, the imposing wall includes two towers and a massive gate which were guarded by cannons. For the visitors, the first thing that will be noticed about the building is the imposing exterior, which is made all the more impressive by the fantastic interiors. The Blenheim triathlon swim starts from the hotel’s swimming pool which is a great place for a morning swim, especially when the sun has just begun to rise.

Once you have soaked up some rays, it will be time for the triathlon swim which is held in the transition area. This is where the cyclists will start their race from and the Blenheim Palace has fabulous swimming pools, which ensure that there is always a very good water temperature for the riders. After your swim, you then have the opportunity of taking part in the bike rally which starts from the transition area and includes both the bikes and the wetsuits. The Blenheim triathlon Bike Race is scheduled every year in May or June and if you love cycling, this is the ideal occasion to participate.

The bike rally begins by the riders making their way through the transition area and through the Blenheim Palace before being stopped at the finish line. The riders will then be allowed to cross the finish line with their bikes whilst the wetsuit is strapped on using the special apparatus provided by the event organiser. It is worth remembering that the wetsuit is not compulsory; it is simply there to enhance the race. Once the race is over, the cyclists will be allowed to park their bikes and walk around the Blenheim Palace, which usually means they can return to the hotels without using the public transport system. If you prefer to travel back to the hotels, there are plenty of buses and taxi services to pick you up and take you to the other facilities that you might require.

After your triathlon training, it is then time for the fun part of the triathlon. The time trial is run in the same area as the bike race but this time the race is led by the horses. This means that the riders will need to react quickly to the movements of the horses as they work their way around the course. The course is not flat and there are plenty of curves and bends to ride on so the riders are definitely going to need to have the speed to keep up. The horses are expected to follow a program that is predetermined each year and this means that there will be plenty of opportunity to try out different routes.

For the men, the time trial course is a flat course but there is still a lap of the town included as well as the ride around the lake. It’s definitely worth taking the time to check out the scenery as the sunset is spectacular in Blenheim during the time of day. There are some really spectacular views from the water including Lake Blenheim and views across the Torringham countryside. There are also opportunities to view birds in the area and this is an excellent opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the local bird life.

The Blenheim triathlon wetsuit sale is an opportunity for you to get a good price for an athletic kit that has been tailored to your individual needs. There are many different types of wetsuits in the market and you should always check them out carefully before making a decision. The conditions of the water may change throughout the season and you need a wetsuit that can adapt to any fluctuation. The last thing you want is to buy a great triathlon wetsuit only for it to be unable to cope with the conditions on the water.