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Bristol Triathlon

Sunday 6th June, 2021

The famous North Bristol Triathlon runs over 2,184 miles (3,053km) on the beautiful English Channel. It’s held annually and attracts some of the best triathletes in the world. It’s an amazing race where professional cyclists, experienced amateurs and celebrities gather to enjoy the beautiful sea views, the course offers a challenging route with few flat stretches and plenty of technical climbs.

There are generally three different races for triathlon enthusiasts; the full day Women’s race starts at noon and finishes at 3pm, the men’s race starts at noon and finishes at 2pm and the Children’s race is for children under the age of 12 and starts at midday and finishes half an hour later. For the competitive athletes the Bristol Triathlon has three different classes – the starters’ category for competitive riders and the women’s and men’s elite class for those who’ve trained for shorter distances. There are also unisex classes for those of all ages. The Bristol Grand Prix is another highly competitive event where the men’s and women’s finishers compete side by side with the rest of the podium finishes after an hour and a half. As, well as this there is the Hard Ride segment for those who just want to get off and enjoy the atmosphere of the triathlon.

There are lots of exciting routes and the course is divided into seven sectors that run from beginning to end. The first stage covers the streets of Bristol and includes the Chats worth Glade, Cogglesworth, Cottage Village and Little Venice as well as the Titchfield Park. After the Chats the course then heads towards the Titchfield Park. The next stage takes the participants through the picturesque Cogglesworth Common and the Watermill Pond and then the final stage heads towards Sandown. It’s not just the Bristol triathlon that you will be able to see and participate in but the entire city of Bristol and the surrounding areas too.

You can stay in one of the many luxury hotels in Bristol while you are there or you can use one of the many cheap self catering Bristol apartments to stay whilst you are there. Many events offer information and photos on their Facebook pages including the location of the starting line, finish line and any medal locations. If you are particularly keen you may even like to buy the official Bristol triathlon shirts from the Bristol triathlon club. Some of these shirts have had sponsor logos added to them and others are simply designed by the club as a show of appreciation. There are also some specialist shops in Bristol offering a wide range of branded sports kit including shorts, tracksuits, bibs and running shoes.

At the end of the triathlon the podium will be awarded to those finishing in the quickest time and the fastest swim and then the overall category winners. There are normally a number of awards for the men’s and women’s division with the men’s final normally taking place first and the women’s last second. As in many cities throughout the UK and Europe there is also the traditional thumping of the best sound of music at the end of the day during the receding finish line celebrations. Of course there are plenty of other sporting activities to keep you entertained at the end of the triathlon course. The overall winner of the triathlon is usually scooped up by the crowd, which celebrates in another form depending on what you prefer.

There are usually plenty of entertainment activities available including games such as volleyball and tennis. It is worth remembering though that the bikes and swimming lanes are always open so you can always find a spot to do your laps. Sometimes the course will be a bit narrow, so try not to miss out on a spot where you could get a good view of the action by lining up to watch it being towed through the water. If you are going along in a group, then you might want to join in with the other participants in the various events including the swim, cycle and run but bear in mind that if you are leading the pack or planning on catching up with someone then it is much easier to spot other racers by hearing their heart rate rather than calling out.