Triology Event Photos

Photos are free for all to view and download via our Flickr Group

Paul Taylor captures a triathlete exiting the water!

One of the great things about Triology Events is our free photos (where a photographer has been present of course).

We can’t guarantee a photographer at every event, but where possible we try to have a few snaps, and we’ll upload them to our Triology Events Group page for you to download, cherish and share.

Have you been at one of our events and taken some photos? Join our Triology Event Flickr Group and add your photosIf you’re thinking of adding photos to our group, please note the following:

  • All photos added should be open to be downloaded by visitors.
  • We don’t charge anyone for photos from our events, and if you’re a commercial photographer seeking payment for photos taken, please do not add them to our group as they will be removed.
  • You will also have to abide by the Group Rules outlined on the group page.

Our Photographer Partner

We are proud and excited to announce that for 2017, Paul Taylor from Foxgrove Photography, will be snapping amazing pictures of you.  An example of his work is featured above.

Here’s the latest photos from our events…